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Why must you use a cuticle balm?

For most of us, caring for your hands usually means little more than applying a decent hand cream from time to time and choosing a nice shade.

However, a little cuticle care is also required for really healthy hands.

The cuticle is the thick layer of skin around the base of the nail. Its job is to protect the nail from bacteria, but its robust structure means that if not cared for, it can easily become dry and damaged.

Dry cuticles grow on the nail instead of sitting properly at the base and can break off on the sides and cause annoying hanging nails.

To keep them as soft and healthy as possible, condition the cuticles regularly with a butter balm.

The limited sea buckthorn cuticle balm in our new sea buckthorn hand and nail collection is rich in pro-vitamin A and rare omega-7 nutrients that nourish and nourish the skin intensively promote repair and regeneration.

Massage into the cuticles once a day and then use Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream for moisturizing, healthy and happy hands all year round.

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