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Why Pai merchandise are examined for patches

As a sensitive skin soul, I myself know how important it is to feel safe and secure when using skin care on irritated, reactive skin. Independent patch tests give you that assurance – and as always, if it's something I wanted for my own skin, it's something I know our customers will see value for.

It is far too easy to be confused when it comes to the different claims of brands. So I wanted to explain exactly what is in our patch tests.

– Patch tests are carried out by dermatologists and dermatology nurses.
– We test our products on sensitive skin as well as on skin prone to eczema.
– The 96-hour tests are carried out daily for four days next to a control sample.
– If the products do not deteriorate the skin in most tests, they are considered suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin children – as well as our pregnancy-safe stretch marks system are also dermatologically tested in the presence of a qualified midwife, who the final test results as deemed approved by the midwife.

These rigorous tests are something that companies of all sizes have to think about for a long time because of the financial investment involved. We sincerely hope that the measures we take will help you to feel safe and comfortable on your own skin journey.

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