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Why sleep masks enhance your sleep high quality

Pai was recognized again this week! Many thanks to Zest-Magazin for describing our silk sleep mask as the best help for a good night kip * .

As we have always said, the body needs total darkness to maximize the production of the sleep chemical melatonin.

Zest writes:

“According to recent research, sleeping in less than complete darkness can trigger the blues, with even a dim light in your bedroom potentially affecting the chemical structure of your brain. While this slit of light could help you wake up in dark mornings, it could also cast a shadow on your mood. “

“ An eye mask blocks excess light This way you can sleep well. Try this silk with lavender, £ 25 from Pai Skincare, for a particularly soothing nap. "

Our eye mask is also ideal for long-distance trips. Unlike the flimsy masks you get from airlines, our eye mask is made from luxurious silk. The velvet cotton lining blocks 100% of the light and ensures maximum comfort.

The mask contains real lavender capsules that have a calming, sleep-reducing effect – ideal for people with insomnia or anxiety.

Prominent sleeping beauties like Catherine-Zeta-Jones and Ralph Fiennes have already made our silk eye mask part of their nightly routine, and we think you should too!

* For our readers outside of Great Britain, the Pai dictionary defines "kip" as: closed eye, slumber, forty wink, catch Zs, take a nap, slumber, doze, siesta or bo- peep… ..SLEEP.

It is called beauty sleep for a reason. In the next week's blog, pay attention to the difference that healthy sleep can make for your skin.

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