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Winter SOS – Options on your skin issues

Our skin changes with every season, but it is often not bad in winter.

Cold weather, central heating and poorer nutrition than normal (comfort food!) Depress the skin and put it in an SOS state.

If your skin cries out for help, here are my most important tips for fighting the most common skin complaints in winter …

1. Flake spots

Almost all skin types are drier in winter, since less humidity means that the skin loses moisture more easily. Strong winds and dehydrating central heating make this worse, and the skin can become very dry and flaky in spots.

Using a gentle peel helps remove dead skin cells from the surface, while 2-3 drops Rosehip BioRegeneratöl help repair, replenish, and replenish at night (or by adding to your regular moisturizer) condition the skin on a deeper level.

2. Cracked lips

Since the skin on our lips is thinner and more sensitive than that on the rest of the face, it dries out faster and is more susceptible to dandruff or “cracking”.

There are two ways to combat this: First, moisturize the lips with natural butter and relieve any dryness, and secondly, protect the lips with a wax to prevent further cracking.

Our Bergamot Organic Lip Balm contains sweet almond oil to soften the lips and beeswax to protect them. Therefore, an absolute handbag is essential at this time of the year.

3. Dry, aching hands

Our hands are the most exposed and hard-working parts of our body, so it is not surprising that they suffer in the winter months.

Because they come into contact with most irritants and triggers, they are also the part of the body that is most susceptible to skin problems – and diseases such as eczema and psoriasis can be particularly aggressive at this time of year.

Moisturize regularly with a cream that is free of plastics and rich in anti-inflammatories. Our Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream has analgesic and antibacterial properties that help relieve pain and replenish the skin without irritation. If your hands are particularly damaged, add 2-3 drops of super remedy rosehip bio-regeneration oil to each pump.

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